3D Pictures

Yesterday we had an ultrasound because I saw a different doctor (mine was on vacation) and she thought the baby was measuring longer than they should be at the stage I am in. It was so amazing to see our little guy and actually see details of him. We had the tech check again to make sure the gender was correct. Yup, still definitely a boy :) We had 3d ultrasounds with Brooklyn but it's still amazing seeing them in 3 dimensional. How doctors can still terminate a life knowing what they know just blows my mind. God is such a patient God. Anyway, the tech said he was still measuring according to his due date which is November 23rd. I'm praying maybe God will allow him to come out a week early all on his own ;) Can't wait to meet our newest Kramer family member and I know God made him especially for us. Looking forward to raising another child for God's glory.