Newest Kramer

For the past year we have talked about getting Brooklyn a hamster. Since we finally got moved and settled in our new home we thought this would be a great time to finally take the dive. Today, we surprised Brooklyn and took her to the pet store where the last couple weeks we have been checking them out. We told her we had a surprise for her and she instantly was like, "going to the park?" we were like I think you are going to like it a little better than the park. She than was like, "Are we going to get a hamster?" she's pretty good at guessing. As we were driving Dennis accidentally said the pet store and I was like Shhhhh!!!! Brooklyn from the back suddenly said, "I heard that!!! we are going to the pet store!!!" You forget how much harder it is to hide things when your kid is getting older. All that to say she picked out a female little hamster and now we have the newest member to our family, "Miss Bianca" (named after the character from Rescuers Down Under).