Well, it's happened again! a baby animal has been left by it's mom and found by us resulting in hours of attachment knowing what the end result will be. Brooklyn has named him, "Whiskers" I was thinking it was a shrew but now I'm thinking a baby mouse. It's sad to watch because I'm pretty sure a cat will end it's day. I really think in order for it to live we would have to feed it through a tiny eye drop and well, we don't even know about that. It's been good for Brooklyn. She asks lots of questions and has been learning about life and death. Today she was asking about heaven and how we get there. Dennis and I explained it and it's cute seeing a 3 year old comprehend. We told her someday all of her family would be there because we all have trusted in Christ as our Savior, She then looked at me and said, "Mommy, it's going to be very cozy there." Super cute! Well, here are some pictures of "Whiskers!"