VBS and misc. pictures

Last week Brooklyn got to experience VBS (Vacation Bible School) for the first time. Our schedule was like this. Monday & Tuesday I was up by 6:20 got ready, ate breakfast woke the girls up, got them ready, got them breakfast and was out the door by 8. Dropped Bailey off at my friend Evie's house then headed to my sister's house to pick up the boys. Removing Brooklyn's car seat and putting it in the Johnson vehicle then loading up all 3 kids and arriving at the church by 8:50. VBS started at 9 and I was in charge of a group of little ones which I usually have 6-7 kids under the age of 7 everyday for 3hrs. Brooklyn was in her own group although some days she traveled around with me and my group. We had main singing, Bible Bayou, Chatter the Chipmunk, Snacks, Games, and Craft time everyday. Wednesday's was the same but Bailey stayed with my sister down at the store. After VBS got over at noon I took all the kids down to the store and relieved my sister in the afternoon. Same for Friday as well. By the end of the week I was pretty worn out but it was so much fun seeing the kids praising God and learning. Friday night our church had a bbq and then a program that the kids got to sing some of the songs they learned plus watch a picture slide show of them throughout the week. Brooklyn had no problem getting up in front of everyone and it looks like her sister may have even less problem. Bailey was trying so hard to go stand next to her sister up front plus she was trying to do the hand motions. At one point she made it to the front and thought she was a big girl. Next year she can join the preschoolers and I'm sure they will let her stand up front and at least look cute ;)

Here are some other random pictures of the girls playing outside.