Baby Kramer!!!

This morning was our big ultrasound to see what baby Kramer # 3 would be. Of course it's not just about the gender of the baby but more to make sure hearts pumping, kidney's look good, brain is developing etc. We have had a family and friend bet on what this baby would be. Finally after 30 min of checking out arms, legs, bladder, head, kidneys the tech finally went down and got a perfect shot of the gender. We are excited to announce that Kramer #3 will be a BOY!!!! We aren't sure on a name yet but will post it once we settle. Sorry there is no pictures. The lady didn't print off a profile picture, just legs an arm and well the gender, but I thought I would keep the blog with a G rating so I will not be posting any pictures. Kramer #3 due November 23rd.