What wonderful weather we have had the past few days. The girls have been enjoying playing outside as much as possible. Yesterday was such a nice family day. After church we enjoyed eating out and doing some bed shopping. Yes we are going to be getting a new bed. How exciting!!! well for me I'm very excited. Another pregnancy sleeping on this bed and I think I would die. Okay maybe it's not that bad and it was free but we are very excited to hopefully soon get a new relaxing and enjoyable bed.

The first picture of Brooklyn she just stopped crying because she scrapped her foot. After that though she was off and about digging and playing.

Bailey enjoying eating the outdoors or attempting too.

Dennis and I were laying on my dad's hammock when all of a sudden Dennis is like, "A bird just pooped right between my legs." It was amazing how close it came to hitting his leg but how cool it was that it happened to fall right between.

Later that day my mom caught Brooklyn pushing one of her many dolls around. I think she was pretending to be a mom to her baby and the baby in her tummy. :)