Boy? Girl?

It's fun in my family to try to predict the gender of a new soon to be little one plus the day they will arrive. So far family has been sending their guess. The due dates all may have to change if for some reason the month were to change. I'm pretty sure the due date is first to middle November but that's just going off blood work. Baby may be due end of October or first of December. I sorta don't think so but will know better April 24th when we have our first OB appt. Can't wait!!!
Here are the posting of the results so far.

Dennis - 11/16 GIRL ( 54% after having 2 girls you will have another girl - that's my Economics major hubby for you)

Candice - 11/9 BOY
Brooklyn - BOY
Steve - 11/11 BOY
Julie - 11/8 BOY
Randy - 11/14 GIRL
Linda - 11/7 BOY
Coral - 10/28 BOY ( that's her birthday month ;)
Mom -
Dad -
Jared -
Tiffany - BOY
Jeff - 11/12 GIRL
Ang - 11/10 BOY
Andy -
Dick - 11/10 BOY
Heidi - 11/18 BOY
Brielle - 11/6 BOY
Anne Marie - 11/12 BOY
Victoria - 11/7 GIRL
Jessica - 11/2 BOY

Send me your vote and I will post it along with the other.