Easter 2009

What an eventful day!!! The day started out cold and windy but that didn't stop us from celebrating the meaning of Jesus raising from the grave. We got all of our family together which included around 25 of us. Both sides of the family so a packed house. The food was wonderful and the kids were busy playing from room to room. We started the egg hunt off with 12 eggs that told the story of Easter. I think we have started a new tradition that the kids really enjoyed. We've always told the story but to do it through them running around hunting for the eggs was pretty fun. Game 2 was just hiding the eggs all around. My dad had 1 golden egg though which had $5 inside. This was the very last egg to be found and was pretty funny watching the kids literally look at the egg but not see it. Eli was the proud winner!!! Finally to our 3rd game which included a eggs that were hidden that had a coordanance for a grid. Well, I'll let the pictures explain that one. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter celebrating Jesus' death and Resurrection for our sin's.