previous blog note

Hey I just wanted to let people know that in my previous blog I was not intending to come out stating my way or the highway. Dennis and I are always open to others beliefs as long as it's explicit scripture and not what we would like it to be or our personal views. Uneducated is what I hope I'm not perceived as. I defiantly don't have all the scripture sometimes that I would like memorized and this is something I am working on, or sometimes because I'm not good conformational taking a day to think and study more helps. I envy those that could sit and just shoot verses left and right. I'm working on that. Remember that even the most looked upon smartest educated person can be wrong and guess what!!! I'm not perfect either. I feel strong about this subject and love to be challenged. My heart is for Christ and to grow stronger in Him. I want family and friends to feel that they could always come to me or Dennis and ask us any question or even disagree with us and we would still love them and not let it effect our friendship. This is who we are. Hopefully seen as approachable and caring!