I figured I would put on some random pictures taken over the past week. It crazy busy I would say about 90% of the time so I sometimes go a couple weeks before I can post anything and than it's like I post a lot of things. Here are some random photos.

This picture was taken on my phone so the quality isn't all that great.

We have an artist on our hands. This is just one of many pictures Brooklyn can draw. Yes!! Brooklyn our 3 year old. Can you guess what this is? I hope you guessed Turtle :) She has also drawn spiders, squirrles, Circles, Bees, the letters B, R, O, K okay and many more. We have been super impressed.

Brooklyn loves Calico Critters. She has quiet the collection started. Last Saturday she got to meet Mrs. Fisher the Cat. I told her the following week that she was coming to Frogs and Pollywog's and she explained, " Mom...she's not real" Okay I guess you can't fool her but she still had fun seeing her.