Bailey's Baby Dedication

Dennis and I think it's very important to Dedicate our children to the Lord. I feel that in today's society especially their is a lack of Christians families helping each other out on the up bringing of children. Let me explain. I believe it's the parents responsibility on how their children turn out. Yes, their is a lot of a child's choice when they get older, but I truly believe that if you have been raising them to know God's wonderful power, grace, love, and much more while being consistent, and open your child will turn out great. You notice I did not say perfect. We are sinners something we do not have to learn and struggle with all of our life. But thanks to God's forgiveness and grace once you are a born again believe God WILL NEVER leave you. oops I just may have opened a can of worms. An awesome debate question that Christians for years have debated. Let me just ask you a question. No matter what you do in life can your parent's ever not become your parents? Really think about that. My parents have told me that no matter what I do in life that they would still have unconditional love for me. God does discipline His children. But what are we to say and measure a sin. In God's eyes a sin is a sin. We shouldn't judge someones actions. How do we know that deep down God's not working on someones heart even though from the outside it's apparent and seem they have turned from God. Maybe they truly never excepted Christ? Wow, have I taken a tangent here. What ever your beliefs are I do hope I have not offended anyone. I challenge Christians to always look into scripture and to always question ( not scripture, but man's interpretation of Scripture). Just because someone may have a doctrine or be your parent doesn't always mean they are right. :)

Okay, back on the baby dedication :) My prayer is that God directs Dennis and I to raise our children up to the Lord. To be honest with them and challenge them to always challenge us in what we say and do. We aren't perfect and never will be. I already have been telling Brooklyn if she doesn't understand why we are telling her to do something to ask. Their is a reason not a just because. We don't know what God has planned for our children. I pray it's not a tough road they have to travel in life. I pray that God gives me the peace and wisdom when raising my children. What a peace He has already given me that I don't have a doubt that someday my children will be praising the Creator face to face.

I pray more Christian families help each other in seeing that family all comes to the knowledge of our Savior. We all have a responsibility. Once you are saved your family just gets bigger. I don't think it should be looked at as failure if another believer comes to you and wants to help. Think of it as a blessing that they care enough and care for the salvation of others. I look at my nephews and Niece and my number one goal is to see their salvation grow. It's easy for a child to except Christ in a strong Christian family, but to see their heart grow and grow more for Christ is the challenge. It's a tough world we live in. We need to be mentors for the younger. Philippians 1:21 "For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain"