Valentine's Day


Some of you might know but Valentine's day isn't my favorite holiday. I believe it is due to society labeling one day to do something special for that loved one. Nothing wrong with that but unfortunately I see to many people only doing one special thing for that one special person only on that day. I would rather also not have money spent on me for something I don't really need. I have told my husband before not to just go out and look for something to buy for me just to buy it. I would rather know that the thought was what really mattered. He has been pretty good at that over the years. Creativity comes out once in awhile. So anyway, he did get me tulips because I love tulips and I'm not really into going out on Valentine's day due to the large crowds. This year my mom thought she would have a restaurant style feel at their house. She went way beyond what we expected. Here are just a few pictures of what she made for us that night. Thanks mom!!! that really meant a lot.