Bailey is beginning to act like a big girl and of course wants to do everything her big sister is doing. Usually at least once if not more per week I go down to our local grocery store. Brooklyn's eye's light up at any store that may have a car shopping cart. She usually knows that she gets to ride in them only when dad is with us because they are extremely difficult to maneuver. Well, at this particular grocery store the car shopping cart actually isn't too bad. I decided to put both of them in the car and wow did Bailey love to be right with her sister.

It was cute hearing all the comments like, "How adorable," "Aren't they the cuties" and etc.... It's actually not too bad going grocery shopping when they both are laughing and playing together.


Brooklyn is such a silly girl. She loves hats and dressing up. A couple Christmas ago Dennis' aunt sent Brooklyn princess shoes. She loves to walk around the house with them on, but the funny thing is she usually is in underwear or just comes out wearing the silliest outfits. She will love me someday when I pull these pictures out because believe me we have more than just one occasion her being silly.