End of 2008

Well another year has come and gone. What a wonderful 2008 we had though. Brooklyn turning 3 and Bailey joining the family.

Bailey got a new hat for Christmas. I'm a sucker for hats. I love them and have a fun collection.

Both girls got cute matching P.J's thanks to Grandma Kramer. Brooklyn loves to match her sister.

Bailey enjoyed the balls and wrapping of course more than the actual gift but it's fun to see her playing with toys and most of all wanting to already be doing what her big sister does.

Brooklyn loves her dolls and wow does she have a collection.

This year for Christmas my mom suggested we all wear P.J's. of course not everyone did but it was fun to just lounge around. In the picture is my sister and her husband and two boys. My parents and then my grandparents (my mom's parents).

So my mom and I got a new pair of boots and were showing them off. Now of course we will not be wearing them with our P.j's but if we were celebrities this would be a normal appearance. :)

Well, I hope 2008 was good for all and my God bless you in 2009. It's exciting to think what God has planned for our family this new year.